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What is your Money Money?

Ever wonder why budgeting is so hard? You start off excited, set up the new system and then get the same old results. After a few months (or sometimes even a few weeks), the exact same thing happens. The excitement fades, discouragement sets in and you're back to square one.

Why? It could be several reasons: the system is too complicated, too time consuming, too something….

So what about this thought… maybe, just maybe, it isn’t the method or system. Maybe it’s your mindset.

Have you ever thought about your money mindset? According to the Oxford Dictionary, mindset is "the established set of attitudes held by someone." So, your money mindset is your established attitudes toward money.

Money mindset is the way you view money. It plays out in the way you spend or save. It’s your thoughts toward money. It’s how you see it, prioritize it, use it, or don’t want it and don’t care.

How did you get to have the mindset you currently have about money? Did your parents talk about money with you when you were younger? Were you included in the financial conversations and stress as a child? Did you feel a lack or did you not even notice money at all? What beliefs were passed down to you about money?

Dr. Brad Klontz talks about money mindsets and money scripts in his book Money Mammoth. These money scripts are the rules we follow that drive how we think and act toward money. These are unconscious and develop in our childhood - but they actively control how we see money and how we will use money.

You can get to the root of your money mindset by analyzing how you spend, save, or think and feel toward money. I’m not a therapist or psychologist, so I can’t help get all that figured out. But what I can help you with is identifying it and overcoming it, if it’s preventing you from reaching your goals.

Because like I said, even if you have the "perfect" budgeting system, if you are dealing with a money mindset that is standing in the way of you budgeting, paying off debt, or saving – no system will be able to get you to where you want to be until it's addressed.

Sound interesting? Want to know what kind of money mindset and the money scripts you're listening to?

Take Brad Klontz Money Script test here!

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