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What is Financial Coaching?

Have you been wondering what financial coaching is? As a CPA and financial coach, I help families create a system to manage their money so they can achieve their financial goals. I'm a guide to help you get where you want to be. I'm an accountability partner to help you stay on track when it gets tough. And I'm focused on helping you in any way that I can so you can reach your financial goals. Are you struggling with managing your money? Living on a fixed income? Can't stick to a budget? Don't know how to save for your goals or pay off your debt? Many people feel confused and stuck with trying to manage their finances. They seem to have tried everything, but nothing will stick. Or they have never budgeted before and don’t even know where to begin.

Financial coaching helps you get unstuck and the ability to move forward with your financial dreams and goals. Coaching gives you the tools and guidance needed for you to gain better control of your money. Changing the way you manage your money can change everything. Coaching gives you the ability to do that.

Having a personal coach allows you to have support and guidance along your financial journey. You don't have to walk it alone. If you need accountability to keep you on track, if you need tools and resources to get you unstuck, if you need help changing your money mindset to move past roadblocks preventing you from your goals, financial coaching can help you.

One of the services I offer is a one-time 2-hour session that helps you get started. Have you ever wished you could have a personalized plan? You know where you want to be, but trying to figure out how to get there with detailed steps seems daunting and impossible?

My Focus & Go session is all about focusing on whatever is stopping you from beginning your financial journey (can’t budget, can’t save, can’t get out of debt). Once we solve that main problem, we get a plan in place so you can go and reach your goals.

Coming away from this session you will get a plan, detailed action steps to take, and the tools you need to start your journey. My goal is to help you get moving and in the right direction. Focusing on one area and getting a plan together is the first and biggest step into taking control of you finances.

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