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What Budgeting Method Have You Tried?

Ever try budgeting and feel like the system didn’t work for you? No matter what method you use, you still can’t seem to stick to it and get where you want to be financially? You think… if I just did it “that way” maybe it would work for me. Which ones have you tried?

Cash Envelopes: Withdraw cash every month and stick it in an envelope for each expense. If you like to spend, having to physically say goodbye to your money and seeing how much is left over helps a lot.

Weekly vs Monthly: Instead of overseeing a large amount for the month, why not break it down into smaller, weekly amounts? It’s a lot less to manage and because a week isn’t very long, easier to stay within that week’s budget.

Multiple Bank Accounts: You can set up automatic transfers from your paycheck to go to separate spending or savings accounts. Whenever you check your bank, you can see the amount left to spend.

Spreadsheets: Do you love spreadsheets? I know there are Excel lovers out there just like me. Add in trackers and formulas to see how fast it’ll take you to reach your savings goals!

Apps: Use free apps like or get paid ones like Everydollar or and connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans all in one secure place online.

Pen & Paper: Write out your pay period budget and keep track of your expenses and remaining balances on paper. Sometimes it works to do it the old-fashioned way.

There are so many methods out there! I’ve tried almost all of them! But sometimes it’s not necessarily the system that you are using... it’s your money mindset that is driving you.

All my clients will start out on the personalized budget we create together. We set up a spending plan, plug in your numbers, and you use this system to manage your money over the next few months.

Once we get the system in place though, we start talking about your money mindset. Because once the excitement of a new system is over, old habits come creeping back in.

Next month let’s talk about your money mindset. Because until you address your mindset, no matter what system you try, you will probably end up with the same result.

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