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What are others saying?

In case you’ve been wondering how financial coaching can help you, I wanted to share some testimonials on actual clients that have benefited from working with me.

Here are a few testimonials from clients who have gone through my Focus & Go session where we focus on whatever is stopping you from beginning your financial journey (can’t budget, can’t save, can’t get out of debt) and then get a plan in place so you can go and reach your goals. This is a 2-hour session where you will get a picture of where you are now and we'll make a plan for where you want to be. Walking away from this session you will have not only have detailed action steps to take, but also the tools you need to help you get started on your journey.

"Michelle’s Focus & Go session was so worth it! I now love budgeting! It’s been a wonderful change to finally be in control of our finances. My husband and I were impressed by how she was able to answer all our questions and create a plan specific to our needs that works for our life. Still going strong and know she’s there if I need any additional help."


"This was very helpful and loved working with Michelle. She’s very kind. I’m only starting my new financial budgeting strategy she put together for us, but I know for certain that I will be more successful implementing this plan, and I would recommend Michelle to any friend of mine to check out what she offers."


"My session with Michelle was informative, professional, and inspiring. I now feel energized with a vision and have clear steps I can take to move closer to our financial goals. I can’t recommend her enough! She demystifies budgeting as she relates to your situation and then breaks down a personalized path forward that is doable!"


"Michelle with Hope Financial has been an expert in coaching, advising, and truly caring about my financial situation. Her detailed plan and comprehensive review of your personal finances will leave you energized and ready to make the change you always knew you needed… She has brought me peace of mind, comfort, and clarity – I have confidence she can do the same for you."


See a common theme here? I asked several of my clients in a few words to describe how they feel after we finish with their session. Here are some of their responses: “Energized and excited,” “Have a vision for my future”, “Feel ready with a plan.”

For some of my clients, all they need is this one-time session to get started. I will set you up with a plan so you are ready to move forward in the right direction.

Are YOU ready for that?

Do YOU want to get started on your financial journey with help, guidance, and support along the way?

I would love to help you! I love to bring hope to hopeless situations or help you bring vision where you've felt stuck in the past. I would love to help you get started.

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