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Ways to Save: Meal Planning

Updated: Feb 28

Ok, so how is your “no spend February” going? Maybe like me you haven’t been perfect, and things have come up… like needing to buy a new side mirror because of a garage accident (*face palm*). But! Don’t give up. There’s still the rest of the month left. Doing this "no spend" month has definitely made me more conscious of my spending. It’s so easy to just let your money do it’s thing and forget about it. But if we aren’t always in the driver’s seat with our money, we may be missing the opportunity to use it toward our goals. I talked to a few people who have been doing this no spend month, and I’ve heard great results! One couple saved a few hundred dollars in two weeks alone and were surprised there’s so much in their bank account. Another couple, told me said since they are being more conscious they stopped eating out and already see money left over from the first half of the month because of it! I had a great conversation with a friend who only spends $150 per week on food to feed her family of six! Can you believe that?? I had to know more so I interviewed her and wanted to share it with you! Check it out below!

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, I included Rebecca's meal planning process below. You only need to plan for only 5-6 meals per week. Use leftovers for the remaining meals. Follow these steps!

  1. See what ingredients you already have at home. Pantry, freezer, fridge... what meal could you already make with your existing food or just a few extras? Check for those "sneaky foods" that are laying around. Use it up and don't buy them again!

  2. Ask yourself, "What do we want to eat?" Stick to a few cookbooks or your own favorite recipes and choose what you want to cook for the remaining meals.

  3. Write them out and make a list of which ingredients you still need Don’t plan which day you will make them. You don't want to feel stuck and look for something else to eat if you don't want to eat what you've planned. That's when those sneaky foods make their way in!

  4. Go shopping Stick to the list!

If you’d like to see more information like this, please let me know! I want to provide helpful information you need to succeed with your money. Just reply to this email and give me your feedback of things you would like to see going forward! Also, I would LOVE to hear how your no spend February is going! Let me know 😊 Now for me, I’m off to start Rebecca’s meal planning system for the week. Wish me luck!

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