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How can Financial Coaching help you?

Ok I know we've been talking about this for months now, but I have one more testimonial of another client who is saving a ton with changing how she's meal planning. Remember you can make a system work for you. There's no one way to do something!

This client went from spending $225/week on groceries for her and her husband to only $99/week! That's a huge drop! She loves to cook, eats healthy, and makes some pretty amazing meals.

By first scouring her pantry while meal planning and implementing a no waste policy (using every bit of any ingredient she buys), and only shopping one day a week to reduce trips and to stop overspending, she's saving! This is an actual weekly plan she shared with me:

Lasagna Margarite

Crabless cakes and succotash

Oven fried chicken & meatless "beef" stew

Italian tofurkey sausage soup

Red lentil curry with cauliflower rice

Pinto beans and tacos

Caramelized onion and cashew ricotta flatbread

Making amazing meals, but also saving. I love it! I just want to show you how making seemingly small changes can really make a huge difference on your budget.

So besides helping with ideas on how to save on expenses, financial coaching can help in a lot more ways. As a financial coach, I help my clients move from feeling overwhelmed or stressed with their money, to being fully confident and equipped with the tools they need to reach their financial goals.

A great financial advising firm I work with sees the value of this for their clients so much that they asked to interview me.

I shared with them what financial coaching is and how coaching can help their clients. Below is the short video where I talk with Tommi Harris, a financial advisor with Verde Capital Management about financial coaching.


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