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Learn to MANAGE Your Money

If you are looking for a system to manage your money, you've come to the right place! So many of us struggle with:

  • sticking to a budget

  • creating a plan for our financial goals

  • figuring out how to get out of debt

  • knowing where to begin...

I believe everyone has the ability to manage their finances to achieve their goals.

By working with a financial coach, you will go from feeling hopeless, to living confidently and realizing your dreams. The Focus & Go session is the first step on your financial journey. Once completed, you will have all the tools you need to reach your goals. 

Focus & Go Session

In the Focus & Go session, you will receive one-on-one coaching where we will dive into the details of your money. In this 1.5-2 hour session, we will FOCUS on one area of your finances that you want to change. Then, with what you learn from the session, you can GO and make it happen from DAY 1!


You will start with completing the required homework to give me an understanding of your current situation.  I will come prepared to help you create a plan to address that focus area. 

During the session, you will get a snapshot of your current financial position and see how changes you make can solve or alleviate the concerns of your focus area. After the customized plan is created, you will receive action steps and the tools you need to walk that plan out.

This session is meant to provide clarity, create a plan to tackle your financial situation head on, and bring hope to your future dreams. Can't stick to a budget? Don't know how to come up with money to start saving for your goals? Trying to figure out how you'll ever pay off your debt? These are the types of problems we can address during your Focus & Go session.

You will leave the session with:

  • a financial snapshot of where you currently stand

  • a customized plan to address that focus issue

  • action steps you need to take to complete the plan

  • and tools to make the plan become reality

Book your Focus & Go session for just $295!

Start your financial journey today!


"Michelle's Focus & Go session was so worth it! I now love budgeting! It's been a wonderful change to finally be in control of our finances. My husband and I were impressed by how she was able to answer all our questions and create a plan specific to our needs that works for our life. Still going strong and know she's there if I need any additional help. Thanks Michelle!"


Don't go another day living in stress or insecurity!

YOU CAN LEARN to manage your money. YOU CAN CHANGE. Do it for yourself and your family.

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